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Design Focused Realtors


harper and la jolla is a boutique real estate group of design savvy realtors.

We are West Hollywood residents who specialise in property sales exclusively in the West Hollywood neighbourhood. We hail from various design backgrounds including interior, photography, film and web IA. harper and la jolla officially came to be in the spring of 2016 as a collaborative partnership between like minded design professionals. We work privately with our clients one-on-one to ensure we get the best possible outcome for your house sale in West Hollywood. harper and la jolla focus on the spirit and history our clients homes offer to new purchasers who are looking to find their new dream home.

harper and la jolla are buyers side representatives. We work to represent our clients at all stages of the sale side process. From preparing a home to go to market, clearing away the clutter, to selecting new ‘staging’ furnishings and all that this entails.

harper and la jolla manage the sale process end to end. Including the negotiations between the buyers agent and client. We act as intermediaries, taking care of all the little details, such as property and inspection reports, so our clients can have total peace of mind during a stressful life changing process.

Call us to schedule a home appointment on: 917 454 8270.



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